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When BJP goons attacked me

AAP volunteer attacked

We were sitting in a car stuck in traffic near Ravidas gate, Lanka. Around 200-300 BJP workers surrounded our car and started banging on its glass windows. Those hooligans dressed in saffron caps and scarfs seemed to be scary. They were chanting modi....modi... and hitting our vehicle with their fists. If it would not have been Tata Safari, the glass panes would have got broken by the physical force of these 200 men. We three volunteers sitting in the car were terrified. I asked the driver to take the car away but he was helpless as the area was jam packed. 

AAP campaign reaches every corner of Varanasi

Pictures above are of Arvind Kejriwal's roadshow in Banaras. AAP is ensuring that the message of the fight against corruption and crony capitalism reaches every nook & corner of Banaras. Gul Panag & her team (see below) lead a bike rally in Kashi yesterday (May 8). Hundreds of teams of volunteers, in small groups are ensuring that the message of AAP reaches every home in Banaras.  Read More

Aam Aadmi, Khaas Politics: Satya Sagar

Source: - By forcefully promoting a cleaner, more transparent and participatory politics AAP is calling the bluff of India’s very claim to being a democracy at all and unwittingly pulling the mask off a system that hides beneath it a thousand dictatorships. Contesting elections with public donations, involving the citizen in decision making and calling for accountability from public servants and politicians AAP is testing the limits of the country’s long rotten, creaking political apparatus. Read More

AAP Shehnai in Varanasi

AAP Shehnai in Varanasi

आज सुबह 5 बजे जब 'आप' के समर्थक चौसट्टी गली में शहनाई की धुन बजाते हुए निकले, तो मोदी मोदी चिल्लाने वाले लोग भी शांत हो गये और उन्होंने हमारे वालंटियर्स का चाय से स्वागत किया। पंडित मनोहर लाल शहनाई बजा रहे थे, कवीश के हाथों में गिटार था और समन और कुछ अन्य साथी वैषणव जन.… के सुर में  बनारस के गलियों में मीठा रस घोल रहे थे. बीच में बीजेपी की टोपी पहने कुछ लोगों ने चाय भी पिलाई, शांती से बैठकर चर्चा भी की और आप के विचारों से सहमती भी जतायी। इस तरह धीरे धीरे कई मोदी समर्थकों का मोहभंग होता जा रहा है. 

Why Modi’s ‘Ma Ganga’ rhetoric should make us cringe

There is nothing wrong with Modi aspiring to be the Hindu Prime Minister of India. But there is everything is wrong if Modi wants to be the Prime Minister of Hindu India. If he wants to be the former, then he needs to give us less of 'har, har Modi' and more of 'ghar, ghar Modi -- including those that pray to other gods. Read More

AAP ahead? What is it looking like after May 16

In every election around the world, a new first-timer party is likely to be evaluated low in opinion polls as neither the pollsters factor a new force in survey, nor do the voters come out vociferously in support of a newbie party though may participate in a silent revolution in its favour, as seen in the Delhi elections which proved all opinion polls wrong.

It is also proven by the real politics in the most talked about three seats of the country: Varanasi, Amethi and Rae Barelli. Read More

Why do all Apolitical people work for the BJP?

If ever a fan, a bhakt has to be defined, Hashmi Shams Tabreed would fir the copy book description. Examine some of his tweets below. And then ask yourself...if he is doubting the conduct of those who were attacked by the BJP itself, how credible is his story?  Read More


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