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Women In Politics

Beyond the symbolic gestures, AAP has aggressively 

involved women at various important positions in its organization to handle important 

political activities. Women @ AAP are playing an active role, be it as candidates, volunteers, ground campaigners or managing the internal functions of AAP.  Read More

बेटी के बाप का डर !

प्रिय देशवासियों !
दो दिन पहले मेरी गर्भवती पत्नी का अल्ट्रासाउंड हुआ और डॉक्टर ने ये बताया की मेरे घर में नन्ही परी का आगमन हो रहा है।  मैं और मेरी पत्नी खुश थे, हम लोग अपनी बिटिया के लालन - पालन की योजनाये बनाने लगे।  कई बार मैं और मेरी पत्नी आपस में तर्क भी करते की बेटी को ऐसे बड़ा करना है, वैसे बड़ा करना है।  कुछ समय बाद हम सो गए, रात में अचानक मेरी नीद खुली,

मेरी कोशिश है दर्पण दिखाने की , शायद आपकी आत्मा जाग जाए और आप कल मौका हाथ से निकल जाने पर ये ना कहें सिस्ट्म खराब है !

मेरी कोशिश है दर्पण दिखाने की , शायद आपकी आत्मा जाग जाए और आप कल मौका हाथ से निकल जाने पर ये ना कहें सिस्ट्म खराब है ! Read More

Santosh Koli: A promising life cut short

Santosh Koli, an RTI activist turned Aam Aadmi party candidate from Seemapuri in Delhi, breathed her last yesterday. She died after battling injury wounds when a car ran into her while on a motorbike. A typical “hit and run” case where the attackers conveniently managed to escape. It’s widely believed that this was a deliberate attack on her. In fact, this was not new to her. She had been attacked several times in the past. Read More

Swaraj Yatra (Hindi)

प्यारे "आप" मित्रों !
आम आदमी पार्टी -अमेरिका चैप्टर ने आगामी अगस्त में "स्वराज यात्रा" का आयोजन किया है.

Need changes to ground rules before 2014 election

The display of public discontent with our political class began with the Anna movement in August of 2011 for the Lokpal. After deeply concerned citizens hit the streets across the country and Jantar Mantar in Delhi, our parliamentarians unanimously signed a resolution to end the impasse. Almost two years have gone by. The resolution is now forgotten. A ghost of the Lokpal bill is doing the rounds of parliamentary committees today. As things stand now, the Lokpal bill is dead for all practical purposes. “Mission Accomplished,” as far as our political class is concerned.  Read More

Exemplary Legacy of the UPA Government

A unique feature of the UPA government is its stubborn insensitivity of the public opinions and sentiments. The visions of hundreds of thousands of people who turned up particularly on the streets of Delhi and also in most parts of the country in response to the call of Anna Hazare against the rampant corruption are still fresh in public memory.

The government and the main political parties appeared shaken initially. This was evident from the resolution passed in the Parliament to pass the Jan Lok Pal Bill. Read More


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